Pixel Awards

Web Awards Competition - Is Your Website The Next Best Thing?


  • The 2013 call for entries will begin in July 2013 and will run through October 2013.
  • Nominees will be announced in December 2013.
  • Winners will be announced in January 2014.
  • Any individual or organization worldwide is eligible to submit an app or website(s) in the call for entries.
  • Apps and websites can be submitted in multiple categories. Each submission requires a submission fee payable through PayPal. Each submission will be $150 per category through August 28, 2013. Effective August 28, 2013, pricing will be $200 per category.
  • Each app or site is judged a minimum of three times and five nominees in each category are announced. A second round of judging then occurs and winners are announced in each category. All voting is tabulated for fairness and accuracy.
  • Judges decisions are final.
  • A qualified panel of judges determines nominees and winners for each Pixel Awards category.
  • Pornographic sites or sites with "hate" language and other extraordinarily offensive content are not eligible.

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