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Web Awards Competition - Is Your Website The Next Best Thing?


When will the call for entries begin?
The 2013 call for entries will begin in July 2013.

When will the nominees be announced?
The 2013 Pixel Awards nominees will be announced in December 2013. If you're nominated, we will provide you with graphics and banners that you can post on your site.

When will the winners be announced?
The 2013 Pixel Awards winners will be announced in January 2014. If you win, we will provide you with graphics and banners that you can post on your site to showcase your Pixel Awards win.

How does the early bird pricing work?
Each submission will be $150 per category through August 28, 2013. Effective August 28, 2013, pricing will be $200 per category.

Why do you charge a submission fee?
Although shelling out 150 bucks may not be a thrilling notion, we feel it is necessary. Unlike other web awards, The Pixel Awards offer a prize package worth well over $500. The materials for the trophy alone cost more than the entry fee. In addition, we've found the entry fee weeds out some of the weaker websites who would blindly apply if there was no fee. And, at the end of the day, we hope to recoup a small amount of our operating expenses. We encourage you to browse other web awards sites - you'll find our fee is extremely competitive and our prize package and trophy are one of a kind.

Where can I find a list of past winners?
Winners |  Winners | Winners | Winners | Winners | Winners | Winners

Who typically submits apps and sites and what apps and sites are eligible?
Any individual or organization worldwide can submit an app or website. We get submissions from interactive agencies, website owners, marketing and creative departments, artists, graphic designers, students, innovators, engineers, etc.

Apps and websites must be live and viewable from the time of submission through the announcement of the winners. Non-English apps and websites are accepted but the majority of our judges are English speaking.

Apps and sites that have won in past Pixel Awards competitions are eligible to compete in subsequent years. There is no limit to the number of apps or sites that may be submitted and there is no limit to the number of categories an app or site may enter. A completed online submission form and fee must accompany each app or site entered.

Pornographic sites or sites with "hate" language and other extraordinarily offensive content are not eligible.

Can I enter my app or site in multiple categories?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of apps or sites that may be submitted by any entrant and there is no limit to the number of categories an app or site may enter. Submitting apps and sites in multiple categories also increases your odds of winning as each apps and site is individually evaluated under the category under which it is submitted. It is possible for an app or site to win in more than one category. A completed online submission form and fee must accompany each app or site entered.

When will my credit card be charged?
We process all payments through PayPal immediately after a site is submitted.

What if I change my mind and want to withdraw my submission? Can I get a refund?
No, all app and site submissions are final and no refunds will be issued.

How will I know you received my submission?
We will display a confirmation page with a unique receipt number after submission that you should print for your records. We will also send you an email confirmation after we receive your app or site submission and your credit card is successfully charged. This confirmation email will contain your unique receipt number. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of submission, please email The Pixel Awards customer service at support [at] pixelawards.com.

Can I change my contact info and submission info?
At any time after submitting an app or website in the call for entries, you may update entry information by contacting The Pixel Awards customer service at support [at] pixelawards.com. The URL can only be changed if it was the same app or site that was originally submitted or if it has not yet been judged. You may change the category under which your app or site was submitted only if it has not yet been judged.

Who are the judges?
The Pixel Awards judges are proven innovators in their fields with broad web expertise and a knack for spotting extraordinary talent with fairness and accuracy. They are executive managers, evangelists, and visionaries at top agencies and websites covering a diverse cross-section of industries – art and design, marketing and advertising, product development and technology, and usability.

How does the judging work?
Each app or site is judged three times and five nominees in each category are announced. A second round of judging then occurs and winners are announced in each category. All voting is tabulated for fairness and accuracy. Judges decisions are final.

What is the judging process used when selecting nominees?
1. After the call for entries, our expert panel of judges evaluates each site against the following criteria:
  • Innovation – The app or site must bring something new to the table, possess unique qualities, exhibit inspiring creativity, break barriers.
  • Content – All the words, including voice and tone, music, animation, video, and info on the app or site.
  • Navigation – How users move around the app or site. There are no strict rules here but anyone should be able to figure out how to move around.
  • Visual design – Graphic appearance of the app or site. Are the visual elements high quality, appealing, innovative?
  • Functionality – Creative and efficient use of technology, interactivity, and usability.
  • Overall app or site experience – All of the above combined, the overall impression.
2. Each app or site is reviewed by at least 10 judges.
3. We tabulate those ratings and create the list of nominees for each award category. Typically, five nominees are selected for each category.
4. Five nominees are announced and, a month later, the winner in each category is announced. In addition, the People's Champ winners are announced.
5. The Pixel Awards trophies and prize packages are shipped to the winners.

Can I review the judges comments and ratings for my site?
We currently do not publish our judges comments and ratings, however we may do so in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified.

Does The Pixel Awards staff pick the winners?
Our judges are leaders in their fields and independently select the winners. The Pixel Awards staff and judges do not select the nominees. The Pixel Awards staff also does not pick the winners or recommend winners to the judges – we leave the judging in their very capable hands.

How many nominees and winners are there each year?
Currently, judges select 160 nominees, 5 for each of The Pixel Awards categories. Then, 32 winners are selected - 1 winner in each of the 32 categories. In addition, a People's Champ winner will be selected in each category. View the Prize Package.

Is there an event where awards are given out?
We are currently not planning an awards ceremony. However, winners will be posted on this website, all entrants will be notified when the nominees and winners are announced, and all winners will receive their trophy and prize package.

If I win, when will my award arrive?
Winners will receive their one-of-a-kind Pixel Awards trophy and prize package shortly after the winners are announced. If more than 8 weeks have passed and you have not received your trophy, email customer service at support [at] pixelawards.com. We will also provide you with graphics and banners that you can post on your site to showcase your Pixel Awards win.

Can I purchase additional Pixel Awards trophies?
Yes, this year you can purchase additional trophies for a fee of $350 per trophy. Please contact us.

Do you have a people's choice award?
Yes, our people's choice award is called the "People's Champ." The web community votes for the people's champ.

How does someone become a sponsor?
To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact us.

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