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Dates & fees

Image requirements

For image submission guidelines, please visit image requirements.

Guidelines for eligibility

Pixel Awards is open to all companies, organizations and individuals involved in making the best work in digital.

Material(s) Pixel Awards does not accept: Comp / Prototype / Spec Policy

Pixel Awards appreciates comp, prototype and spec concepts can lead to exceptional work. Our goal is to reward and elevate work that has been tested by the best in the industry and by the public. All entries submitted to Pixel Awards must have been commissioned by a client, and publicly engaged & accessible as of October 1, 2014.

*Entry Exceptions Eligibility:

Applicable works submitted for entry to the following categories are not subject to commissioning by a client:

Disqualification Policy

Entries deemed ineligible may be disqualified at any phase of entry review or judging without notification at Pixel Awards sole discretion.

Acknowledgement of your Entry

You will receive email acknowledgment when an entry has been received and payment processed.

Entry and Usage Policy Terms and Conditions

Pixel Awards assumes all work submitted is original and the entrant owns the work or has permission from authorized parties to enter the work and all rights granted therein. Work submitted without such rights is subject to disqualification. Pixel Awards is not liable for copyright infringement on the part of entrant.

Submission of any entry by any entrant acknowledges the right of Pixel Awards to use it for promotion, publication, and exhibition purposes in any medium.

Award Policy

The details and methods Pixel Awards announces nominations and awards are strictly at the discretion of Pixel Awards. All entrants understand awards may not be awarded, distributed or publicized in the same way.

Foreign Language Entries

Entries from all countries are welcome.



Pixel Awards Jury + judges will: Select up to 10 entries per category for final judging. Announce up to 5 finalist nominees per category. Announce People’s Champ winner per category. Announce Jury winners by category.


Pixel Awards judges look for a creative and technical blend of exceptional design, artistry, technological expertise, and a powerful, stimulating user experience.

Entries are judged through the following lenses:


Potential for conflicts of interest may arise. Pixel Awards addresses these promptly, and we are committed to minimizing conflicts and ensuring the best work is elevated and recognized.

Pixel Awards staff does not select Nominees, Winners or People’s Champ, nor does Pixel Awards influence the Jury or individual judges in any way.

Pixel Awards selects the Jury and individual judges by invitation only, and are selected for being best in class leaders and respected creators in the digital industry. Pixel Awards selects jury candidates based on their ability to be objective and knowledgeable in each category.

Nominees and Winners are entirely subject to Jury choices, who select and vote through an independent process. Finalists are audited by vote tabulation.

People’s Champ are entirely in the hands of and determined by the public.

Pixel Awards judges may not vote for any entry which present a conflict of interest for individual judges. Pixel Awards monitors this closely using the personal integrity of each judge.

The award

Sponsored Prizes

Pixel Awards is pleased to have the support of industry leading companies. Winners will receive limited prizes subject to the terms and conditions for each sponsored product or product offering.


Pixel Awards trophies will be available for purchase by category Winners and People’s Champ after winners in each category are announced.

Cost of each trophy is $399 not including shipping and handling.